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3 steps to Protect Facebook account from hacking

How to Protect your Facebook account in three easy steps

3 ways to protect your Facebook account

Did you decide to customize your Facebook Privacy before? I guess you have to do this customization as soon as possible.

Before you change any setting in your Facebook account, you need to to see your profile as the others see it. In your profile page, click “View as” on the right of “View Activity log”.

Now you know what you will change in privacy setting to keep your Facebook account secure.

These are easiest three steps to secure your account on Facebook.

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First Step to secure your Facebook account

1- Login to your account then Click On “Setting”.

protect facebook account


2- Click On “Mobile” .. Then Click On “Add a phone”.

protect facebook account


3- type Your ” Phone number ” Then Click on Continue.

protect facebook account


4- Choose who can see your phone number.

protect facebook account


Second Step to keep your Facebook account secure

1- From Click on Security and login, Then Click on “Choose friends to contact if you are locked out”.

How to protect your Facebook account from hacking


2- Click on ” Choose Trusted Contacts

How to protect your Facebook account from hacking


3- Well, You can pick 3 of your friends on Facebook.

How to protect your Facebook account from hacking


4- Now you have a trusted contacts, These three persons Facebook will send a confirmation code to their email, When your Facebook account being hacked.

How to protect your Facebook account from hacking


Third Step to keep your Facebook account secure

1- Click on ” Use two – factor authentication”.

facebook privacy setting


2- Click on “Enable”.

facebook privacy setting


3- Are you sure that you want to set up two – factor authentication ?? Of course .. Click on ” Enable”.

facebook privacy setting


4- Now that any thief or someone hacked into your account and login to your account from any computer other than your computer or your phone. We’ll give him this message.

facebook privacy setting


5- Okay now Facebook will alert you ” Someone recently tried to log in to your account from an unrecognised computer or Mobile browser.

facebook privacy setting


6- Well, Afte you did click on ” Continue ” Facebook wil see you a location the person who tried to log into your facebook account.

S-1 : This Wasn’t Me : You can change password from this step.

S-2 : This was me : That mean who tried to log into your facebook account is someone you know.

facebook privacy setting
facebook privacy setting


5 important tips to protect your Facebook account

  1. Don’t ever give anyone your Facebook account data.
  2. Be careful of similar pages for Facebook. Because they are made by thieves when you write email and password, Your account will be Hacking
  3. Beware of the applications. Because there are a lot of fake applications that publish photos and videos on your profile but without thy will.
  4. It’s stupid to put an easy password. Or be account password is your phone number! .. Make the password very difficult because anyone can guess the password
  5. Follow the three steps given by ( Be SPECIAL Team ) Site, Also with the following four tips and your Facebook account will be safe full
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