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Backup and Restore Drivers easily – Windows 10

Windows 10 backup and restore drivers

How to Backup and Restore Drivers easily

in Windows 10 Command Line …

When you have a clean installing Windows 10 on your PC or just re-installing it. Drivers are the first components that you need to download and install again, if you have a disk that your hardware vendor had provided you.
We sure that there is software to backup drivers available that can ease up your work. However, I would like to show you one of the easiest ways to backup and restore drivers on Windows 10 without any third party software, just one command in the Command prompt.

windows 10 backup and restore drivers
windows 10 backup and restore drivers

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How to backup and restore in windows 10 using Commandline

We will use the dism command, then grab the drivers from system drive and store it in your desired location. Now, we have a backup which can be used later to restore using the same command. Here is a quick overview about DISM command in case you don’t know anything about it.

What is DISM ?

Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) is a command-line tool that is used to manage Windows images before deployment, exactly manage .wim file in the Windows Installation ISOs.

How can i use DISM ?:

You can use DISM commands to capture, install, uninstall, configure, drivers and manage (.wim) files or virtual hard disks (VHD).In addition, you can split a large Windows Image File into different files and store them in different storage devices.DISM commands are used to manage offline images, also subsets of DISM are available for servicing a running Windows.

Drivers Backup in Windows 10 Using DISM

First, Open Command Prompt as admin (Right Click on start menu → Open Command Prompt (Admin)). You can simply copy and paste the dism command in Command Prompt.

  • Dism /online /export-driver /destination:D:\ NewDrivers

Replace the destination path with your own. You can even set it the path to a USB Flash drive or a Disk, Make sure your destination folder name should not have any spaces, or you will have an error.Now, DISM will grab all drivers from the following location: C:/Windows/System32/DriverStore. The output should look like this.

windows 10 backup and restore drivers
windows 10 backup and restore drivers

After the backup operation are completed, you will see – The operation completed successfully.In your destination folder, you will have all driver files from your windows.Now, and after we have a backup from all drivers, it’s the time to know how to restore it again.

Restoring Drivers using DISM

When you want to restore the drivers, you just need to make some changes in the same backup command.

Restore drivers windows 10:

Instead of /export-driver, use /add-driver.- Instead of /destination, use /Driver- At the end of command, add /Recurse.The final command will be look line this

  • Dism /online /Add-Driver /Driver:D:\NewDrivers /Recurse

It will install all the drivers on your system that you had backed-up in the destination folder.

Now, you have all the drivers installed again on your system without needed to Drivers discs.

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